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Mentoring Academy

·One to one mentoring

·Taster in research

·Develop research skills

·Career development

·Collaboration and knowledge sharing

·Help with an ongoing project (systematic review, recruitment to studies etc.)

Who can apply?

·Trainees in O&G

·Doctors with an interest in O&G (foundation doctors)

·Medical students



"Last week during my half term, I joined the team where they took time out of their busy schedules to talk to me about what exactly they do and how they have got to the place they are at now. This was very interesting for me as I am hoping to do medicine at university and learning about the different routes you can go down that are related to medicine and after being able to talk to everyone on the team, who had all come from lots of different courses, come together and work on projects that change the world was very insightful. I talked to Jameela a medical student at the university and was explained the application process for medicine and what you will partake in during medical school which I found very useful. Finally, the team was very welcoming and after sitting and listening during the meetings and hearing what everyone does to make such a great team, the idea of research in a field interested me very much."

Aaryan Tyagi, Year 13 student, King Edward's School, Edgbaston

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